Tina and Glen Married June 5, 2010

Happy Bride

Dear Melanie, 

We wanted to thank you so much! You and Adam did a fantastic job at our wedding!  

Although we know the pictures are not ready yet, we know they will be great. Especially judging by the slide show you guys put together for our guests to view later in the evening. It was a great way for our guests to get a taste of what was taken. Glen’s favourite is the one you took of the Superman statue with our rings on it; while I am looking forward to the ones Adam took while our ring bearer was chasing him around a table. Guests have commented to us that they were really impressed by your attention to getting the right picture, not just getting a picture. A few of them are looking into hiring you for their family pictures. 

We appreciated all the little tricks up your sleeve. There were a few times those little tricks “saved the moment” or made things so much more comfortable for our guests. 

Thanks again for doing such an amazing job, we can’t wait to see all the special moments that only you could capture.  


Tina and Glen Jack

Tina and Glen, Married June 5, 2010