Business Strategize

Melanie is Savant with Business and people.

If you have talked her she can see your brillinets and finds the best parts of you. Leaving you feeling empowered. Melanie gets people.

Waking up paralized after a Sereous Brain Aneurysm, some brain surgeries, comba, When she feeled stressed or overwhelmed, hide in business stratagize. Your business mess is my happy place. out or have problems with their businesses 

Worning I don't take excuses, When I wake up 


"Thanks Melanie for making the experience a positive one. I have to admit, I never like any of my pictures---it is just me. However, my husband says you captured my essence and that it is one of the best pictures he has ever seen of me in our 30 years together. He wants you to know that he LOVES more ยป"
Charlayne Thornton-Joe, City of Victoria Councillor, VLA 2010