Does your business photo look like it was taken in 1985? Do your clients often look surprised upon meeting you because
you no longer tease your permed hair 5 inches above your forehead, like in your business photo?

While we’re all taught not to judge a book by its cover, in the business world, we know that the world doesn’t quite work
that way. Your business photo is often part of that essential first impression, where a potential client decides if they would
like to work with you. Do you look professional? Trustworthy? Personable?

Our photographers will work around your busy schedule, either meeting you on location or arranging an appointment at
our studio. After which you can immediately pick your images to get your new look on the market as soon as possible.
Furthermore we will help you decide the best kind of photo to complement your brand.

Mike Kalinka
Mike Kalinka


"I'm so happy our engagement photos are back. Melanie was fantastic to work with not to mention fast. We got our Photos taken on Sunday and they were up on her website today!!! That's only 2 days. So anyone in Victoria that's looking for a photographer Melanie - Orange Frog Studio inc. is great. read more »"
Andrea & John Grove, Married Sep 12, 2009