August 2010 Blog Entries

Giving Blood - a family trip Aug 31st, 2010 2:25pm
Someone once told me that if you know someone that gives blood you're more likely to donate. Maybe that's why I give blood. My father used to take us all in to Winnipeg (an hour drive) once every more »
Joan and Leigh, a Manitoba Wedding Aug 22nd, 2010 1:59pm
I can't remember exactly when I met Joan, but I can't remember a time at University that I didn't know her. Joan and I would spend hours carving in to the delicious leather hard clay, as more »
I come from a big family in Manitoba, we would get together for every occasion and celebrate with lots of good food and stories. When I get the opportunity to photograph big weddings like this more »
I love photographing on days like today. Just warm enough that its comfortable, and overcast so the light is flattering. Then add a fabulous couple in to the mix and you have a good time. I had more »