St. Ann's Academy and Reception at Uplands Golf Club

Choking on Smiles
Room at the Empress hotel
Fun at the Empress hotel
Groom and his records
Groomsman at government house
Groom waiting at government house for bride
First Look
Bridesmaids Tears
Pure Love
Stuning bride at St Ann's Academy

There are some weddings you can't wait to photograph. Becky and Mike's Victoria wedding was one of them. They are gorgeous, and so are all of their friends. Their group is tight knit, and they know how to have fun.

Because I couldn't wait to start photographing, I showed up early and met them at the Aveda salon downtown to catch all the magic and pampering.

I walked with the ladies to the Empress, where they drank champaign and laughed as they dressed. The limo took everyone to the Government house for the 'First Look'.  As my 2nd shooter (Adam) saw the ladies for the first time, his jaw dropped and he exclaimed "WOW," as the seven vivacious ladies walked towards him.

Adam had the men setup, so Mike's back was turned, and all the groomsmen clapped as the ladies entered. As Mike turned around to see his bride, he was grinning ear to ear as he said "WOW your beautiful."  Becky cheered, and gave him 'the look'. You men know what I'm talking about, it's that cute and sexy look that makes your heart skip. The Bridesmaids where filled with emotion, and a couple tears ran down their faces.

After what seamed like 5 minutes we headed to St. Ann's Academy for the Ceremony. Becky and Mike must have spent a long time putting together the perfect ceremony, every word was heartfelt.  I know Becky spent hours on each detail of her wedding, searching the internet, to make the day perfect, and it was.

I could have photographed this group all day, I wish I had had more time
with them, as they were such a fun group.

You can tell Becky is the heart of the group. With her heart is on her sleeve, she made sure her friends where taken care of and happy. She knows just what to say to everyone. In her wedding gown and high heals she even offered to help carry photography equipment, so sweet! The made of honour, Morgan, doted over Becky, and made sure she felt special, remembering to bring extra champaign, and making sure things ran smoothley.

Mike and Becky have been together 7 years and have this nice flow with each other, they can communicate paragraphs with just a look, and Mike knows exactly what to do to make Becky smile and glow.

Congratulations!  I look forward to photographing you as your family grows and you create more beautiful babies!


Vendors From the Wedding

Cerimony venue - St. Ann's Academy, p.250-953-8829,

Flowers & Cake - Thrifty Foods,

Tuxes - Black & Lee, p.250-380-9700,

Rings - Lugaro Jewellers, p.250-382-2040,

Reception venue - Uplands Golf Club, p.250-592-7313,

Hair - Aveda Institute, p.25-386-7993,