Something Old, Something New...

Traditional wedding ceremony, something old, something new, wedding superstition

Something old, something new

Something borrowed, something blue

and a silver sixpence in your shoe

We're all familiar with this old rhyme that originated in England and goes back well into the Victorian era, but what does it really mean and how important are the "4 rules"?

The four charms or symbols of good luck are usually small tokens of love and friendship from the bride's family and friends, they are a romantic custom but not one that should cause stress on your big day. 

Something Old 

The "something old" represents the couple's friends who will hopefully remain close during the marriage.

Traditionally, this was an old garter which given to the bride by a happily married woman in the hope that her happiness in marriage would be passed on to the new bride.

Prosperity and Happiness

"Something new" symbolises the newlyweds' happy and prosperous future.

The "something borrowed" is often lent by the bride's family and is an item much valued by the family. The bride must return the item to ensure good luck.

Something Blue

The custom of the bride wearing "something blue" originated in ancient Israel where the bride wore a blue ribbon in her hair to represent fidelity.

It's a fun tradition and one that many brides enjoy participating in. Did you or do you plan to add these 4 elements to your dress? What will be your something old?