Tana and Steve, a Love Story

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Engagement Photography, Victoria, Professional Photography, custom Design,e
Engagement Photography, Victoria, Professional Photography, custom Design,e
Wedding photography, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Professional Photography

One of my favourite parts of my job is hearing everyones stories how couples met and how they got engaged. The butterflies and excitement of their first date and kiss. 

Tana and Steve's romance started at work, and the best part is that Steve lived in Manitoba and Tana lived in Victoria! So Steve used the company Christmas party as his chance to turn the occasional flirtatious work call  into more and to sweep Tana off her feet. He must have done a good job as the world quickly disappeared and they talked all night.


Months later Tana remembers Steve asking during a work call if he "could call her outside of work?" and at that moment she felt like screaming YES, but replying with a cool smile "I would like that". 


It was not long before he moved to Victoria. Now when you work and live in the same house together it makes it especially hard to plan a surprise for each other. So when Tana left for a business trip Steve seized the opportunity to plan to ask the love of his life to be his wife. He turned down the lights, lit candles, placed a huge bouquet of roses by the door and waited for Tana to come home from her trip. 


Tana (jet lagged and exhausted) walked through the door completely impressed by the flowers and Steve asked (on one knee) "So what are you doing with the rest of your life?"… and you know the rest.