Beautiful Prince George Wedding

Prince George Bride
Shane is blurry and in the back ground and still steeling the show!

I think everyone you meet changes you some how, that we all make some sort of mark on each other that shapes who we are. This weekend I had the opportunity to do something for someone that has had a huge impact on my Life, Shane Hockey. He is the man that gave my husband the courage to come over and talk to me for the first time, and he was the one that got my business started by booking me my first paid wedding. You're right, people will pay me to do what I love, I don't think I could thank you enough.

Shane is a catalyst, he gets things started (finishing is another thing tee hee) and can get anyone to step out of their comfort zone and do something new. He has a huge heart and is always there when you need him. And everyone will tell you he is a ton of fun, because he takes the time to make everyone feel special. I'm so happy he was finally able to find someone with all his good qualities.

This weekend, Shane Married Robyn. I have only met Robyn a few times, but I can tell she is perfect for Shane, she is his catalyst. She has a huge heart, and like Shane, looks out for everyone. Oh and she is stunning, beautiful really, and I think she has no clue how gorgeous she is.

I'm so happy I got to be part of your wedding, and photograph the day for you both. Robyn, it was nice to meet your friends and family. Thank you Meyka, Norm, and Lucey for letting us stay at your house. You made us feel so comfortable, and after knowing you for 5 minutes I feel like we have been friends for years. I hope you get a chance to come to Victoria soon. We have a room ready for you when you come.



"I LOOOOVE them! Very good work Mel. I can't wait to look at them with Shane. You did such an amazing job of getting everyone in them and documenting all different parts of the day. And not just random shots of people sitting at tables, talking etc. but portraits of everyone with their significant others, families, friends. My goodness, soooo good. I'm so glad Shane encouraged you to follow your love of photography and booked that first job for you because you have a tremendous talent for it.

Thanks again, this all means soooo much to me. I don't know what I would do without these memories for the future. You forget so fast. You don't think you will but you do. I already forgot some things that happened that you have now helped me remember."

Love Robyn

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