VLA Graduation

It is so fun and inspiring to photograph the Victoria Leadership events. The Leadership Victoria Graduation is well organized and inspiring.

I have to say that these people are amazing. The ideas they come up with, and the tasks they accomplish are not only ambitious, but life changing for many people. I can see that a program like this can help ignite these already ambitious people, and lead them to do amazing things.

To give an example of the ambition of these people, one of the graduates also graduated from university the same day!
Watching these grads, and hearing the presentations of what they did for the program made me happy to be a part, in some small way. We look forward to photographing these events in the future, call me anytime you need me!

I also want to give props to the mentors, and organizers as it looks like they do an amazing job. And if you're not already sponsoring the events, I encourage you to.  These people are going to take over the world, so its best to get on their good side!

Leadership Victoria
#306 - 620 View St.
Victoria, BC V8W 1J6
t: 386-2269 /  f: 386-2279


Note; if you lost the login and password for the photogallery to get your free 4x6 images, send me an email.