Camping with the Moms and tots

Balance is so important for me: I want to have a successful business, and a happy family.  I'm lucky that Haydn makes me take time to have fun, so I don't get burnt out. LOVE HIM!

My sister in law, Tanya, invited me along for her, and her friends annual moms and kids camping trip. This year 8 Moms and 16 kids. I know this sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it was fun. The kids didn't care that it rained for most of it, and they didn't seem to realize that they had us outnumbered.

We went to this fantastic campground on Salt Spring island, called Cedar Beach Resort. They are so nice, and kid friendly. The facilities are really good: hot showers, pool, hot tub, private beach, little kid playground. I just wish they recycled.

Taylor had a blast playing in puddles, and didn't care the water at the beach was freezing, she just walked right in and played for hours. She is learning new words hourly now, and was fascinated by the caterpillars, ants, and giant slugs. She has no fear; at the ocean she picked up the baby crabs, and touched the starfish, and climbed everything! The little monkey takes after her parents. She was so happy playing with all the kids.

Tanya's teacher side came out by the ocean, as she captivated all the kids, explaining what all the creatures where, and what they did. Colours are so rich after it rains, and the ocean and beach were beautiful!

Now, like always when you're looking your worst, you run in to someone you know, and it's always one of those women that has it all put together; the perfect hair/makeup, and even her beautiful daughters where perfectly put together. And there we were, in our camping clothes, covered in dirt from 4 days of camping in the rain, smelling like camp fire.  Taylor had just eaten and had gotten dirt and sand stuck to the sauce that was on her face and hands, and the baby wipes were in the car. So yeah, we where lookin' HOT! Luckily she is as nice as she is beautiful, and pretended not to notice.

Thanks for inviting me along we had a fantastic time!