Tina and Glen

conversation starter

I love it when I meet couples and they just glow when the look at each other. Tina and Glen are like that. When Tina looks at Glen she gets that look little kids get when they see a candy store, pure delight. After finding out they met on eHarmony I could easily see them being featured on a commercial for compatibility.

They are both so kind, and caring. Tina worried more about her guest then she did about herself on the wedding day. She planned every detail to make her guests feel welcome, toys for the kids, and little cards for each of the tables to be used as conversation starters, so they could get to know each other.

Mother nature gave Tina and Glen a perfect day for their wedding and even had the rain stop for the hour we photographed the "don't trays the dress" photoshoot. The only thing that went wrong was the wedding rings where left at the house, thankfully family members lent them rings to use for the Ceremony. The food was delicious and the guests had fun laughing and dancing into the night. I'm so happy you two have a similar sense of humour as me. Thank you for being willing to go along with my ideas and for coming up with some fantastic ideas your self.

Vendors from the wedding

Decorator- Stephanie- Watkins Events Decor, Ph: 250-616-1457, www.watkinseventdecor.com

DJ- George Nielsen- All Night Long DJ Services, Ph: 250-654-0150, www.allnightlongdj.net

Marriage Commissioner- Sherry Lynn Easthom, Ph: 250-656-9363

Florist- Corona Jaskier & Christel Alexander- Fiorenza Classic Flowers, Ph: 250-656-0411, www.fiorenzaclassicflowers.com

Wedding Planner- Carmen From “Yes to “I Do” Wedding Consulting, Ph: 250-739-4138, www.fromyestoido.ca

Hair- Salon J Hairstudios, Ph: 250-656-9111, www.salonj.ca

Makeup Bride- Melanie Bird - Ph: 250-544-4069

Makeup Bridesmaids- Raquel Loglisci, Ph: 250-360-6194

Dress- Shades of White Bridal Fashions Ltd, Ph: (250) 475-1220, www.shadesofwhite.com

Rings- Creole Jewellery Design, Ph:(250) 381-1105, www.creole.ca

Tiers of Joy Wedding cakes, Ph: 250-474-6454 www.tiersofjoycakes.ca

Venue- Church & State

(if I missed a vendor please send me an email)