Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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Before you can hire a wedding photographer, it’s important that you not only like their photography style, but that you also get along with them. If you feel at ease with your photographer – if they can make you laugh and feel comfortable – you’re going to get better photos. Remember: at the end of your wedding day, the only things you get to keep are your partner, your rings, and your photographs. How you remember your day depends on how your photographer tells your story.


  1. Will you edit the photos before we get them? (e.g. Will you fix the shine on my face etc?)
    Formal - very stiff and posed
    Artistic - Creative use of light and colour, suitable for large prints on your wall
    Photojournalist - No posing they just shoot as life happens
    Candid - They create situations and pose to that look unposed and fun
    Traditional - Very posed and using classic techniques, like in your moms album
    Glamor - High fashion, creative images suitable for large prints on your wall
  2. What kind of input will we have on the photography? Can we give you a list of “must-take” photos or samples of poses we like? Your photographer should photograph what you like and whats important to you, they should also be giving your worksheets and taking notes.

  3. Are you the person who will be taking the photos? If not can we meet the photographer?
  4. Is wedding photography your primary business, or just a side thing? If its a side thing it could be that your images will take a lot longer to get and these photographers are usually a bit more stressed.

  5. How long have you been photographing weddings as the primary shooter? If its less than 3 years as a primary photographer they could be a bit inexperienced and large weddings may be a bit hard for them to handle.
  6. Will there be other events that you also have to photograph that weekend? If they have multiple weddings ore events that weekend it could hinder their availability, what if you want them for extra hours?
  7. Do you bring backup equipment with you? This is specially important if there is only one shooter.
  8. Can I see an example of an entire wedding? It’s easy to show us the best photos you have taken from 30+ weddings, but looking at all the photos of one entire wedding will give us a better idea of what you can do. Did you take all these photos? or are they studio samples? And ask to see a wedding with a venue similar to yours.
  9. Do you have any testimonials from recent newlywed couples (not ones from five years ago…)
  10. What deposit is required to reserve your services? Expect to put down a 25-50% deposit, most photographers have payment plans so don't be afraid to ask if you need one.
  11. How long after the wedding will the images be ready for viewing? Some photographers can take up to 8 months to get you your images so its good to know ahead of time.
  12. How many images do you take? This lets you know what to expect.
  13. How long are these prices locked in for? Many photographers prices can rise up to 20% if you don't book a head of time.
  14. How long do you archive images? Its good to know if the photogrpaher is going to have a copy archived for you.
  15. Make sure they have a contract! This will protect you if anything happens
  16. Ask if they have insurance, if anything goes wrong its good to know they are protected.
  17. And the most important how did you feel talking to them, did they seam interested in you or just need the money?

Once you find a photographer you love book them on the spot. The best photographers can book up really fast. Expect to spend $3,500 to $10,000 on photography, remember most photographers know what they are worth and charge accordingly.