Photographing at the Legislative Buildings

Last time I checked, it was free to photograph at the Legislative Buildings, some people also refer to it as the Parliament Buildings. However it can be a pain to try and find parking, and having to wait your turn as another photographer takes photographs. So you can reserve a time. This gives you access to park behind the building and you get priority for the time you book. They book up fast so it's best to do this as soon as possible.

**To book them on-line/ get a permit for the Legislative Buildings go to

or at Scroll down the left margin to ‘Public Use of Grounds’ and click on that for the drop-down menu and select ‘Application Form’. Follow the directions on that page, being sure to request permission for your vehicles to enter the grounds. The area to be requested is ‘Rear Steps, Driveway and Lawns’. Check the schedule for the buildings under ‘Calendar of Events’ from the same drop-down menu to ensure the time slot you are requesting is clear. An hour and a half is the default time period that is booked. Please ensure that you ask for permission to take all vehicles onto the grounds (don’t forget about the photographers vehicles!).